Gas Water Heater Leaking

Just. Great. You’ve noticed water pooling around your water heater because of a leak at the bottom. Now you’re wondering, “How serious is this problem?.A water heater leaking from the bottom is not always an indication of tank failure. Before you resign yourself to replacing the entire water heater, take a few .My water heater leaks small amount gas, a technician came to my house yesterday, he used ” bubble leak locator ” to find that the gas is leaking around a nut.Read simple steps to repair your leaking water heater. Learn how to fix a water heater leak or a unit not producing water. Water heater leaking tips..

Is Your Water Heater Leaking From the Heater Drain Valve? A leak from the heater drain valve may be caused by debris inside the valve or a faulty valve similar to the T P valve . To replace the drain valve, drain the tank completely and follow the same steps outlined above for replacing the T P valve..