Installing Synthetic Turf

Installing synthetic turf in Melbourne home or in commercial settings is a cost effective way to transform youre. Our reputation is everything.Forest Gris premier artificial grmanufacturer in China supplier in the world. We produce artificial turfs for sports, home and playground, get free quote now!.Installing synthetic grcan be very difficult and technical. Depending on the shape, size and how many joins are needed. The fake turf has a grain and needs to be .Summary. Installing XGrsynthetic turf is a meticulous, step by step process. Our certified installers will help you through every phase of the project..

Remove Existing Turf and Dig Out Soil. Weed Suppressing Laid Down. Thin Layer of Crushed Rock Goes Down on Top. Smooth Surface of Soil with Wooden Screed. Shock Absorbent Material is Optional Step. Adhesive Used to Secure Artificial Turf. Remove Existing Turf and Dig Out Soil. Align Gr. to Corner to Square .