How To Clean Granite Sink

How to Clean a Granite Sink. Granite is a popular material used for sinks today, as it adds both durability and e.ance to your kitchen. Sinks made from granite are .Blanco Precis Super Undermount Composite in. x . in. x . in. Hole Single Bowl in White percent solid granite. Resists scratches, stains .How to Clean Granite Countertops. Although granite countertops have become a popular choice for many homeowners, the vast majority are unsure of how to properly clean .Table of Contents Cleaning Soiled GraniteRemoving Stains from GraniteAdditional Tips and Advice adverti.t There are many ways to clean granite countertops and .

Method . Removing Hard Water Stains. Select a non a.sive scrubbing pad. Dampen and put soap on the scrubber. Scrub the sink. Rinse the sink. Dry the sink using a dry, soft microfiber towel. Apply olive or mineral oil to a cloth. Rub the oil all over the sink. Wipe excess oil away..